Bigger Than Business

The Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce is Bigger Than Business. That doesn’t mean we don’t support our region’s businesses and business owners – because we do! It means when you join our chamber, you are becoming a member of something much bigger than just business. We are a voice for our entire region with a goal of improving the Northland’s quality of life for ALL. Here’s what being Bigger Than Business is all about: 

Everyone has a seat at our table.

Everyone has a place in the Northland Chamber. We encourage you to find your place and make an impact!

Different people join the Northland Chamber for different reasons, but we all work together for the good of the Northland. We’re all different, with our own unique needs, challenges and talents, but we are all needed. If you were to take a bird’s-eye view of every one of our members it would look like one big, beautiful puzzle – no two pieces are exactly alike, but we all fit together to create a masterpiece.

The Northland Chamber is a conglomerate of like-minded individuals focused on a better Northland.

If we had to choose three words to describe the Northland Chamber it would be these: Collaboration, Advocacy and Partnerships.

Although business is at the heart of what we do, there is much more to the Northland Chamber. We are focused on improving the Northland for all, not just for businesses. During the Covid-19 pandemic, 200 chambers around the country were forced to close their doors. The Northland Chamber kept pressing on, writing grants for new projects and focused on bringing two huge projects (new KCI Terminal and new Buck O’Neill Bridge) to fruition in our region.

Our members are committed to the chamber, because the Northland Chamber is committed to our members and our region.

The Northland Chamber Provides a unified voice for the Northland region with a focus on improving the quality of life for all.

The Northland Chamber is a strong, unified voice working for the entire Northland region. The Northland Chamber elevates our region’s voice by having a seat at larger regional, state and national tables, working to bring things to the Northland that positively impact the people who live and work here.

All of the Northland Chamber’s activities are pointed in the same direction – expanding opportunities, offerings and businesses that improve our region’s quality of life. When we join around the iconic Northland Chamber conference room table, so many different communities in the Northland come together with a clear, aligned vision and direction. Individual silos and motives are set to the side so we can find common ground and affect change in the Northland.

To put it simply, the Northland Chamber is the most effective group that impacts the quality of life in the Northland.

The Northland chamber is the best opportunity in the region to make impactful business connections.

Make no mistake, if you are present and active in the Northland Chamber, a quick ROI will follow. We are all about building real, lasting relationships!

Representing the entire Northland region, your business can cast a wide net just by attending our regular networking events. The Northland Chamber referral network is the strongest in the region. Our members are open, welcoming and loyal. This is a place where you can make genuine connections with genuine people. Many of our members joined the Chamber as strangers, but are now not only business connections or partners, but life-long friends.